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Research Topics in Criminal Pattern Detection using Data Mining

Criminal Pattern Detection using Data Mining Research Topics

Best Research Topics in Criminal Pattern Detection using Data Mining

   Nowadays, the increasing number of crimes with different versatility and intensity leads to the threat against the day-to-day livelihood in society. To recognize the crime incident for the source of evidence identification and investigation validation, it is vital to detect the crime or criminal patterns with data mining methods. By forensically matching the historical crime patterns with the new patterns, the mining algorithms assist the digital forensic investigator to detect criminal activities.
   The advancements in digital and Web technologies create numerous negative effects and incredible benefits. Digital crime has become a critical issue for the law enforcement system worldwide. Over the decades, data mining has been one of the viable solutions in comprehending the different types of electronic data for crime pattern detection.
   Data mining techniques extricate the potential artifacts from a huge amount of digital information. With the aid of the data mining methods, the forensic investigator extracts the intrigue information from the electronic evidence to forensically examine the criminal patterns around the legitimate patterns in the database. Also, data mining techniques enforce the mapping of the known crime patterns with the new patterns in the digital system to maximize the admissibility of the evidence in the court of law.