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Research Topics in Mobile Device Forensic Tools

Mobile Device Forensic Tools Research Topics

Great Research Topics in Mobile Device Forensic Tools

   With the growth of Internet-based mobile device access, cybercrime has increased rapidly. Nowadays, a huge number of mobile device users often encounter cybercrime issues. To perform the forensic investigation on the mobile device, a variety of mobile device forensic tools and techniques have emerged. By applying the appropriate device forensic tools, the forensic investigator investigates the crime event in the mobile device.
   Recently, to investigate the criminal activities on emerging smartphones, the mobile device forensic tools can examine the chat logs and video calls in the instant messenger in addition to the forensic analysis of the internal memory, external memory, Short Messaging Service (SMS) and phone calls in the suspected mobile device. The developments in mobile device forensic tools assist the forensic examination of the different types of mobile devices associated with various mobile operating systems.
   With the advancements in the security systems, the forensic investigator meets the challenges and difficulties; hence, the design of mobile device forensic tools must cope with the advanced security features and developments in mobile device applications. In contrast to the design of device-specific forensic tools, mobile applications-specific forensic tools are imperative for precise forensic investigation due to enormous crime activities through mobile applications.