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Research Topics in Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile Device Forensics Research Topics

Essential Research Topics in Mobile Device Forensics

   Recently, mobile devices have become more popular digital devices among people all over the globe. With the increased benefits of mobile devices, attackers utilize mobile devices to perpetrate criminal activities. Mobile device forensics has emerged in forensic terminology to handle crimes through the mobile device and detect the criminals.
   In the mobile device, the forensic investigators focus on analyzing the storage location, involving the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM), internal memory, and external memory to extract the potential evidence. Among the broader field of digital forensics, mobile forensics analyzes the data about the crime event on the mobile device. Although, mobile forensics confronts the need for standard mobile forensic tools and methodologies to retrieve the relevant data and its location by its knowledge.
   Owing to different types of mobile devices, mobile forensics becomes a complex task for the investigator during the evidence identification and analysis. To cope with the advancement in handheld mobile devices, the developments in the mobile forensic processes are vital to perform the precise investigation and improve the quality of the forensic analysis. Hence, mobile forensics researches target the design of forensic procedure to create the forensic hypothesis for the admissibility in the court against the unlawful act.