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Research Topics in Cybercrime Forensics

Cybercrime Forensics Research Topics

Masters Thesis Topics in Cybercrime Forensics

   With the rapid proliferation of Internet access, the perpetrators increasingly target cyberspace by misusing the potential opportunities in the cyber world. Cybercrime involves different crime types, such as mail fraud, copyright infringement, network attack, and intimidation. The cybercrime investigators execute the investigation procedures for collecting the evidence about the crime to find the criminals.
   Cybercrime, one of the ‘hi-tech’ or ‘digital’ crime types, has emerged with the help of network technology. The increased social development creates the prospects for cybercrime that is succeeded by the occurrence of network attacks. Investigation of the cybercrimes aids in mitigating the potential damage from the behavior of the detected criminal in addition to forensically pursuing the liability of the criminal.
   The cybercrime investigation procedure involves the process of digital evidence extraction and evidence investigation to maximize the admissibility of the evidence in a court of law. In the context of cybercrime forensics, the evidence is accumulated in the different locations of the storage devices for the different types of crime. The digital evidence acquisition process in cyberspace must be integrated with the preservation over the remotely connected network to avoid the alteration, deletion, and destruction of the digital evidence