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Research Topics in Smartphone Forensic Analysis

Smartphone Forensic Analysis Research Topics

Good Research Topics in Smartphone Forensic Analysis

   In recent years, Smartphones have become the most popular communication medium due to their advanced capabilities. With the increased amount of cybercrimes through Smartphones, the demand for smartphone forensics has grown. In the field of Smartphone forensics, extracting the evidence from Smartphones and analyzing its evidence becomes essential and also difficult. Smartphone forensic analysis provides the required knowledge to the forensic investigator and the law enforcement system.
   n smartphone forensics, available forensic tools and techniques support the evidence extraction and analysis from Android, iOS, and BlackBerry Smartphones. Compared to the traditional mobile device forensic analysis, smartphone forensic analysis focuses on examining a plethora of information due to the mobile application storing enormous application-specific data. The forensic analysis becomes more challenging due to the different data storage formats in various smartphone applications.
   Smartphone forensic analysis is responsible for investigating the browser history, application-specific data, routes in the navigation, chat conversations, and emails in addition to analyzing the contacts, text messages, photos, and contacts. In the context of the criminal investigation, application-related data in the smartphone contains significant evidence for investigating the crime event, including logical or physical forensic analysis.