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How to set DSN (Data Source Name) in windows XP?


Steps for Setting DSN in for Oracle database and MSAccess database in windows XP have been mentioned here. Driver used for Oracle database is Microsoft ODBC for Oracle and for MSAccess database is Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb). While executing java file with connectivity code the database pointed by the corresponding DSN will be referred for operation.
  • DSN (Data Source Name) setting in Windows XP for Oracle Database
  • DSN name: Object

Steps for setting path for java using environment variable in Windows XP

Step 1
  • Control Panel

Step 2
  • Administrative Tools

Step 3
  • Data Sources(ODBC)

Step 4
  • Add

Step 5
  • Select Microsoft ODBC for Oracle

Step 6
  • Finish

Step 7
  • Type DSN

Step 8
  • Type OK
  • DSN gets added in list of data sources

Step 9
  • OK
  • Database for the corresponding DSN has to be created in Oracle Databse homepage
  • DSN (Data Source Name) setting in Windows XP for MS-Access Database
  • DSN name: Object