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Simulation of VANET Applications

Author(s) Name:  Valentin Cristea, Victor Gradinescu, Cristian Gorgorin, Raluca Diaconescu, Liviu Iftode.

About the Book:

   This chapter systematically presents actual issues regarding the simulation of VANET applications. Some of them refer to challenges in developing VANET simulators. The chapter discusses simulator architectures, models used for representing the communication among vehicles, vehicles mobility features, and simulation tool implementation methods. A critical analysis of the solutions adopted in some well-known actual simulators is also included. Other issues relate to the use of simulation in the evaluation of applications that aim at improving the traffic safety and control.
   Representative city and highway application scenarios are discussed, and results that can be obtained by simulation, along with ways these results can be exploited by VANET developers and users are highlighted. Future trends in the development of simulators that produce more accurate results and their use for the evaluation of more sophisticated traffic control solutions are also included.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: An Emerging Area of Vehicular Networks and Data Exchange
  • Drive by Wire Systems: Impact on Vehicle Safety and Performance
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Issues in Automotive Communications
  • Automotive Network Architecture for ECUs Communications
  • Enabling Secure Wireless Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring and Control
  • MAC and Routing Protocols for Vehicle to Vehicle Communications
  • Inter-Vehicular Communications Using Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  • The Role of Communications in Cyber-Physical Vehicle Applications
  • Integrating Traffic Flow Features to Characterize the Interference in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • Proactive Traffic Merging Strategies for Sensor-Enabled Cars
  • The Localisation Problem in Cooperative Vehicle Applications
  • An Overview of Positioning and Data Fusion Techniques Applied to Land Vehicle Navigation Systems
  • Simulation of VANET Applications
  • Efficient and Reliable Pseudonymous Authentication
  • In-Vehicle Network Architecture for the Next-Generation Vehicles
  • ISBN:  9781605663388

    Publisher:  IGI Global

    Year of Publication:  2009

    Book Link:  Home Page Url