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A Novel Adaptive and Efficient Routing Update Scheme for Low-Power Lossy Networks in IoT - 2018

A Novel Adaptive And Efficient Routing Update Scheme For Low-Power Lossy Networks In IoT

Research Area:  Internet of Things


In this paper, we introduce Drizzle, a new algorithm for maintaining routing information in the low-power and lossy networks. The aim is to address the limitations of the currently standardized routing maintenance (i.e., Trickle algorithm) in such networks. Unlike Trickle, Drizzle has an adaptive suppression mechanism that assigns the nodes different transmission probabilities based on their transmission history so to boost the fairness in the network. In addition, Drizzle removes the listen-only period presented in Trickle intervals leading to faster convergence time. Furthermore, a new scheme for setting the redundancy counter has been introduced with the goal to mitigate the negative side effect of the short-listen problem presented when removing the listen-only period and boost further the fairness in the network. The performance of the proposed algorithm is validated through extensive simulation experiments under different scenarios and operation conditions. In particular, Drizzle is compared to four routing maintenance algorithms in terms of control-plane overhead, power consumption, convergence time, and packet delivery ratio (PDR) under uniform and random distributions and with lossless and lossy links. The results indicated that Drizzle reduces the control-plane overhead, power consumption and the convergence time by up to 76%, 20%, and 34%, respectively, while maintaining approximately the same PDR rates.


Author(s) Name:  Ghaleb, Baraq, Ahmed Y. Al-Dubai, Elias Ekonomou, Imed Romdhani, Youssef Nasser, and Azzedine Boukerche

Journal name:  IEEE Internet of Things Journal

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  IEEE

DOI:  10.1109/JIOT.2018.2862364

Volume Information:  Volume: 5, Issue: 6, Dec. 2018