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Internet of Multimedia Things: Techniques and Applications - Research Book

Internet of Multimedia Things: Techniques and Applications

Latest Research Book in Internet of Multimedia Things: Techniques and Applications

Author(s) Name:  Shailendra Shukla, Amit Singh, Gautam Srivastava

About the Book:

   Internet of Multimedia Things (IoMT): Techniques and Applications disseminates research efforts in the security and resilience of intelligent data-centric critical systems to support advanced research in this area. Sections cover the background of IoMT Architectures and Technologies, describe the problems that arise in IoMT Computing and protocols, and illustrate the application of IoMT on Industrial applications. The book will be beneficial for engineers, developers, solution designers, architects, system engineers and specialists from professional environments interested in the IoMT to seek appropriate solutions to their specific problems.

Table of Contents

1. PHY-MAC Protocol for IoMT
2. IoMT communications (IoMT routing)
3. Cross-layer protocols for IoMT
4. Multicasting in IoMT
5. Energy-critical IoMT
6. IoMT Coding and compression
7. SDN-based IoMT solutions
8. Fog/Edge-based Computing
9. IoMT routing protocols and quality of services
10. Cognitive Computing for IoMT
11. IoMT big data and cloud computing
12. IoMT for Smart healthcare
13. IoMT in Smart Cities
14. IoMT Smart agriculture
15. Real-Time IoMT applications
16. IoMT in Smart Industries
17. Machine Learning/Deep Learning for IoMT Security
18. IoMT for Traffic Monitoring

ISBN:  9780323858458

Publisher:  Elsevier

Year of Publication:  2022

Book Link:  Home Page Url