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Scalable Web Technologyfor the Internet of Things

Scalable Web Technologyfor the Internet of Things

Top PhD Thesis on Scalable Web Technologyfor the Internet of Things

Research Area:  Internet of Things


   The Internet of Things (IoT)can be considered as a modern manifestation of Mark Weisers classic vision of ubiquitous computing where tiny networked computers become part of everyday objects interweaving the virtual world and the physical world.
    It has been shown that Web technology can significantly ease this process by providing well-known patterns and tools for developers and users. The existing solutions are, however, often too heavyweight for highly resource constrained IoT devices. Indeed, most connected devices are expected to remain resource-constrained, as progress in technology witnessed by Moore’s Law is primarily leveraged to minimize dimensions, power consumption, and unit costs.
   This dissertation presents a comprehensive solution for the seamless integration of highly resource constrained IoT systems into the World Wide Web. Our thesis is that existing protocols and programming models do not effectually meet the needs of the IoT.We identify two key challenges for the vision to succeed: application-layer interoperability and improved usability for both developers and users.

Name of the Researcher:  Frank Matthias Kovatsch

Name of the Supervisor(s):  Friedemann Mattern

Year of Completion:  2015

University:  Friedrich-Alexander University

Thesis Link:   Home Page Url