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How to get the route information in RPL using cooja simulator?

Get the route information in RPL using cooja simulator

Get the route information in RPL


   RPL allows for automated setup and maintenance of the routing tree for a meshed network using a common objective, such as energy preservation or most stable routes.In RPL follows DODAG routing techniques.The route information maintained and stored in a DODAG table by nodes in network.


   The definition is declared in
at location contiki/core/net/ip/

   Declared and maintains routing
information table.



if(uip_ds6_is_addr_onlink(destination addr)){

nexthop = destination;

} else {

uip_ds6_route_t *route;

// Check if we have a route to the destination address.

route = uip_ds6_route_lookup(destination address);

// No route was found – we send to the default route instead.

if(route == NULL) {

///no route found, using default route

nexthop = uip_ds6_defrt_choose();




   Run the simulation.

Get the output
Get the output