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Research Topics in Digital Forensic Examination and Analysis

Digital Forensic Examination and Analysis Research Topics

Good Research Topics in Digital Forensic Examination and Analysis

   Digital forensics examination and analysis phases are one of the significant investigation phases in facilitating the potential utilization of the acquired evidence during the forensic investigation process. The examination phase is an in-depth search of the evidence pertaining to the crime incident to be investigated. In the subsequence of the examination phase, the analysis phase provides the conclusion about the acquired and examined evidence for the investigation.
   The examination and analysis phase plays a crucial role in making the forensic decisions from the acquired files and logs about the criminal activity and alleviates the likelihood of misguidance during the investigation. In the forensic process model, the examination and analysis phase confront the filtering of the relevant evidential artifacts due to the pattern and impact analysis of the evidence on the crime incident.
   The law enforcement or the court of law heavily relies on the evidence filtered from the examination and analysis phase, bridges the communication between the collected evidence and evidence to be presented in the court. Hence, the forensic decision-making and proof validation of case-specific evidence is greatly influenced by the examination and analysis process regarding the crime incident in the mobile, cloud, mobile cloud, network, multimedia, database, and Internet of Things (IoT) environment.