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A Novel MQTT Security framework In Generic IoT Model - 2020

A Novel Mqtt Security Framework In Generic IoT Model

Research Area:  Internet of Things


Internet of Things(IoT) emerges as a revolutionary technology since the last double decade. Internet of things has changed many aspects of the human. IoT has changed leaving styles and health care with the help of smart health care technologies like wearable devices. IoT has changed the power distribution mechanism in the smart grid environment where surplus renewable energy generated at the house or energy farm can also be distributed using a multi-dimensional grid and smart meters. One of the most beneficial aspects of IoT has emerged in the field of agriculture, wherewith the help of moisture and fertility sensor, the farmer can identify the need for fertilizer, quality of pesticides, quality of land, land moisture, and so on. Farmers can control the water distribution from home using smart sprinkling as well as pesticides sprinkling using IoT based drones. IoT makes use of light-weight communication with the motive of the reduction of extra overhead generated in regular internet communication. For to simplify and make faster communication IoT uses protocols like MQTT (Message queuing telemetry transport), COAP (Constrained Application Protocol), XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), REST (Representational State Transfer) and so on. The most famous protocol in the IoT communication at the application layer is the MQTT protocol, which makes use of TCP as an underlying transport layer protocol for the transmission. TCP based interface makes it more reliable protocol as well as a small header of MQTT protocol makes it suitable for IoT Eco-system, In this chapter, We have discussed the IoT, industry 4.0, impact of IoT on industry 4.0, MQTT Protocol, MQTT security aspects, Survey on various protocols used for to make MQTT Communication in a secured manner. We have surveyed many recent advances that happened for the MQTT Security and list out significant challenges in the IoT based industry faces when it comes to securing devices from physical as well as logical attacks. MQTT based device authentication, access control of resources, and security of communicated data over the insecure channel are some of the significant challenges that are discussed in depth. Overall this chapter will contribute in-depth security survey of IoT based industry 4.0.


Author(s) Name:  Chintan Patel, Nishant Doshi

Journal name:  Procedia Computer Science

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  ELSEVIER


Volume Information:  Volume 171, 2020, Pages 1399-1408