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Building blocks for the internet of things

Building blocks for the internet of things

Trending PhD Thesis on Building blocks for the internet of things

Research Area:  Internet of Things


   Electronic devices are getting smaller and more ubiquitous than ever before. We can see electronics in everyday consumer products such as light bulbs, thermostats, and kitchen appliances. With recent techno-logical advances, they are able to connect among themselves and to other devices on the Internet. With the expected massive scaling of such ubiquitous devices, we move towards the Internet of Things (IoT). In this chapter, we give an introduction to the concept of IoT and its major challenges. Then, we list the research topics which are explored in the thesis.
   The IoT is a paradigm where every physical object is connected to the Internet and is able to uniquely identify itself to other devices. Such physical objects are referred to as smart, meaning that they contain embedded electronics which exhibits some form of intelligence.
   This convergence process supports the main idea behind the IoT, that end-to-end connectivity between any two devices is possible. The devices can be of disproportionate nature, as for instance, a powerful server reading out a temperature sensor, or a user controlling light bulbs via a smart phone.

Name of the Researcher:  M.Stolikj

Name of the Supervisor(s):  Lukkien, Johan J

Year of Completion:  2015

University:  Eindhoven University

Thesis Link:   Home Page Url