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Dynamic and comprehensive trust model for IoT and its integration into RPL - 2018

Author(s) Name:  Hashemi, Seyyed Yasser, and Fereidoon Shams Aliee.
Journal name:  The Journal of Supercomputing
Conferrence name:  
Publisher name:  Springer
DOI:  10.1007/s11227-018-2700-3
Research Area:  Internet of Things

Ensuring security in IoT routing protocols is more challenging due to the fact that devices are mobile, resource constrained, and heterogeneous. The routing protocol for low-power and lossy networks (RPL) as the de facto routing protocol for IoT provides a little protection against routing attacks. On the other hand, the standard RPL because of the use of a single metric in routing has limitations that ultimately results in loss of network performance. To overcome the limitations of the use of a single metric and to prevent the consequences of routing attacks, we used the concept of trust and propose dynamic and comprehensive trust model for IoT (DCTM-IoT) and integrate it into RPL (DCTM-RPL). We provide a comprehensive hierarchical model for trusting of things in IoT, which has a multi-dimensional vision of trust. We put the combination of metrics and necessary activities to deal with attacks under the umbrella of trust level calculation. The performance of DCTM-RPL is compared with the standard RPL protocol in mobile environment and under routing major attacks. DCTM-RPL demonstrates its superior performance over the standard RPL protocol in the detection and isolation attacks. The DCTM-RPL, in addition to resistance mitigating routing attacks, improves network performance.

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