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Computer Science and Agriculture Interdisciplinary Research Journals

Computer Science - Agriculture - Interdisciplinary Journals

Computer Science and Agriculture Interdisciplinary Research Journals

  • Computer science technology, with its rigorous learning capabilities, facilitates solving different agriculture-related problems. It involves weather forecasting, soil and crop health monitoring system, precision farming, predictive analytics, organizing data for farmers, and controlling pests.

  • It is an interdisciplinary field that provides international coverage of advances in the development and application of computer hardware, software, electronic instrumentation, and control systems to solve agriculture problems.

  • In recent years, smart agricultural technology has provided continuity for the smart application applied in production agriculture. Many journals publish advances in the use of computers or electronics in plant or agricultural production.

  • This list of journals aims to assist the agricultural experts for better solutions throughout the world from analyzing top-ranking journals in agriculture. This list also provides a good impact factor journal of computer science in agriculture with cite score, Scientific Journal Rank (SJR), and H-Index.

List of High Impact Factor Agriculture and Computers Interdisciplinary Journals