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What is MQTT and how to simulate the mqtt in contiki cooja simulator?


MQTT is an ISO standard publish-subscribe based messaging protocol. It works on Application layer, Message broker used distributes topics to clients. Topics are UTF-8 string-based with hierarchical structure. There is no direct connection between clients also QoS(Quality of Service) levels are used in messaging services

Source code

Step 1: Install mqtt packages
mqtt-sn-contiki package download and extract at location: home/user/contiki in Vmware workstation

Step 2: Open cooja simulator
In terminal: cd contiki/tools/cooja >> ant run
Create new simulation(ctrl+n).

Step 3: Create motes for simulation

Choose location and create motes

1. home/user/contiki/examples/ipv6/rpl-border-router/rpl-border-router.c

2. home/user/contiki/mqtt-sn-contiki/ main_core.c //for publisher

3. home/user/contiki/mqtt-sn-contiki/ main_core.c //for subscriber.

Step 4: Connect the border router and broker/server.
Open terminals and change directories to following location: contiki/examples/ipv6/rpl-border-router >> make connect-router-cooja contiki/mqtt-sn-contiki/tools/mosquitto.rsmb/rsmb/src
sudo ./broker_mqtts config.mqtt //to connect mosquitto broker to clients.

Step 5: Open cooja simulator

Run simulation

What is MQTT and how to simulate the mqtt in contiki cooja simulator
Install mqtt packages Open cooja simulator