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Sinkhole+CloneID: A hybrid attack on RPL performance and detection method - 2019

Sinkhole+Cloneid: A Hybrid Attack On RPL Performance And Detection Method

Research Area:  Internet of Things


Demands for the deployment of large-scale Low power and Lossy Networks (LLN) are growing these days. Internet of Things (IoT) refers to networks that communicate over Internet Protocols (IPs). Routing Protocol for Low power and Lossy Networks (RPL) is a standard routing protocol for networks which has been exposed to a variety of attacks. Previous works have addressed those attacks; however, each study has focused on a single attack. In this work, we propose the hybrid of Sinkhole and CloneID attacks named Sink-Clone attack. The paper demonstrates the effect of this hybrid attack on RPL performance and evaluates it against a detection method which is inspired by previous detection methods. The hybrid attack and the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) have been simulated in Cooja simulator where the results show the impacts of the hybrid attack compared to the standalone attacks as well as the capability of the proposed IDS in detecting malicious nodes in a hybrid scenario.


Author(s) Name:  Sayed Mohammad Hossein Mirshahjafari,Behrouz Shahgholi Ghahfarokhi

Journal name:   Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  Taylor and Francis

DOI:  10.1080/19393555.2019.1658829

Volume Information:  Volume 28, 2019 - Issue 4-5 , Pages 107-119