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How to Launch the Global Repair in RPL using Contiki Cooja Simulator?

The global repair in RPL using contiki cooja simulator

Launch the Global Repair in RPL using Contiki Cooja Simulator


   It’s an indirect attack, it Occurs when malicious node publishes a higher version number of a DODAG tree.This repair take place when network inconsistent can’t be repaired by local repair mechanisms. It’s triggered by the DODAG root incrementing the DODAG version number to initiate a new DODAG version.


  Open a file to modify at location:
rpl-icmp6.c -

  controls the input and
output for RPL control

   Modifying in this function
to force a mote to send DIO messages
with higher DAG version.

if (node_id == root) {

dag->version++ ;


  Instead of dag->versionadd above code

  To incremented version and provoke global

When version number is increasing
automatically it will call global
repair function which is predefined
in following location.



Create a simulation in cooja.New simulation(ctrl+n).

To create motes choose the files at following location:Home/user/contiki/ examples/ipv6/

udp-server.c, udp-client.c
Run the simulation.

create a new simulation
Run the new simulation and get output that the case of global repair occurred

When root increasing the dag version, that case global repair occurred.