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Energy-efficient load-balanced RPL routing protocol for internet of things networks - 2021

Author(s) Name:  Ali Kadhum Idrees and Athraa J.H. Witwit
Journal name:  International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions
Conferrence name:  
Publisher name:  Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.
DOI:  10.1504/IJITST.2021.114930
Research Area:  Internet of Things

This article proposed energy-efficient load-balanced RPL (EL-RPL) routing protocol for IoTs networks. In this protocol, a parent selection algorithm is proposed. It selects parent in parent list to be the next hop node toward destination node in networks based on an objective function that combines between the highest remaining energy and the total number of received packets by the parent. This can balance the load on all parents in the parents list. Besides, the EL-RPL protocol improves DODAG construction by preventing DIO packets transmission to the nodes with the lower ranks. This will lead to save energy and hence enhance the networks lifetime. Many experiments were performed using the OMNeT++ network simulator to evaluate the efficiency of EL-RPL routing protocol. In comparison with some existing protocol, the results ensure that the proposed EL-RPL protocol can efficiently save energy, decrease the control packets and improve the lifetime of the IoTs networks.

Volume Information:  Vol. 11, No. 3,pp 286-306
Journal Link: