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Enhancement of CoAP based congestion control in IoT network - a novel approach - 2021

Enhancement Of CoAP Based Congestion Control In IoT Network - A Novel Approach

Research Area:  Internet of Things


IoT technologies are an inclusive kind of application and provide insolent environments. IoT devices accomplish actuating and recognize tasks through unique addresses. Resources of the WSN control the memory utilization of the network, network bandwidth, and network power consumption. The traffic strategy of the WSN IoT network is different from the conservative network. CoAP is the best data protocol in handling consistency and congestion control in the IoT environment. It is very important in cluster communication in multicast with server and numerous clients. This work emphasizes CoAP due to its squat overhead to reduce consumption in memory utilization and reduced the overall network power consumption. The proposed work presents a new approach to predict congestion control with the best feasible technique. An advanced congestion control mechanism uses various margins implemented using CoAP to analyze. Network congestion information is transpiring via massive, constrained communication devices. The proposed work implementation results are shows that it is better to compare to the real terms like transmission of packets, reduction in the latency, and increase in the transmission response time and reduction in power consumption.


Author(s) Name:  M.Swarna, T.Godhavari

Journal name:  Materials Today: Proceedings

Conferrence name:  

Publisher name:  Elsevier

DOI:  10.1016/j.matpr.2020.05.817

Volume Information:  Volume 37, Part 2, 2021, Pages 775-784