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Ph.D Research Guidance, Consulting and Projects in Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics (DF) has played a major in many investigations. DF tools are popular within the law enforcement and employed on a daily basis by examiners and analysts. The rapid development of forensic methods, tools, and process over the past years have been successful. Recently, organizations have adopted latest technologies that result in obsolete tools, incompatible data formats, and unable to produce the investigation results in a forensically sound manner. Due to the scalability issues, data that can be analyzed has to wait for months before the review. Thus, without a clear research direction, the capabilities of DF tools increasingly become obsolete. A dramatic improvement in the efficiency of both tools and research process is mandatory to cope up with the recent technologies.

The research advancements in Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Mobile Cloud Computing, Social Networks, and Big Data are the potential areas for DF research. These technologies significantly out spaced the forensic development and it is critical for the law enforcement to prove the crime committed if it is related to these research areas.

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